UPVC Profiles for all Industries

The UPVC Profiles, frames are designed aesthetically & offer versatile solutions to different types of application needs. The same window offers functional options of side and top opening with tilt & turn technology and non fixed bug screens.

UPVC Profiles,
the outer periphery as well as main entrance offer excellent solutions for Security, maintenance and durability, for homes, offices and public places alike.

A Complete Solution for Window Manufacturers & Construction Industry.

Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of high quality Upvc Profiles from India. We produce high quality Upvc Profiles for window manufcaturers and construction industry. Our Upvc Profiles and Upvc Windows can be supplied in both interior & exterior grades as per your requirements.

Unlike conventional paints that are physically bonded, the paint used by us is chemically bonded to the UPVC Profiles.

A UPVC Profiles can range from a simple vertical blind to a complex window lineal structure. To manufacture high quality UPVC profiles, it is important to ensure that the delivery of melted polymer to the die plate is consistent and uniform. The final dimension of the UPVC profile is also determined by the extent to which the extrudate swells, which is further affected by the composition of PVC compound, melt viscosity and temperature. For accurate dimensions, die designers use technically advanced electron discharge machining (EDM machines). To further avoid shrinkage, uneven wall thickness and non-uniform cooling of internal and external portions, post extrusion sizing dies are also deployed.

Celebrated architects and interior designers have switched over to UPVC Profiles. These profiles are widely used as frame components.

We are one of the leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of high quality "SKYFRAMES" UPVC PROFILES

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